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Hello! Welcome to Tara Lila LLC's home on the Web. This page is a good place to start to learn a bit about us and to familiarize yourself with this site. News and info pertaining to events like Tara Lila's annual Snowshoe Celebration are posted in the sidebar (left) and announcements/news are posted below. Scroll down the page for an introduction to Tara Lila. 

*News Flash:  The latest map brochures PDF booklets for the Ripco, Sundtein, and Section 9 park units are are availiable to download on this site and on our Facebook page. The PDF booklets contain everything in the physical map brochures plus trail distance and time info. Map brochures are available at the various park unit’s information kiosks as well as the Eagle River Camber of Commerce visitor center.  Going to Snowshoe Celebration 8? Download the latest Ripco Map Brochure which shows the new Samadhi Trail loop completion with updated trail milages as well as Snowshoe Celebration 8’s luminary route milage and info.  Updated 2/1/2019

*News Flash:  Work is completed on the Sundstein Road Unit major trail expansion and south entrance and parking area. The park’s expanded trail network was featured at Snowshoe Celebration 7 in Feb. ‘18. The south entrance and parking area are open from Labor Day through the winter recreation season. Also, the parking area for the Section 9 Road unit is now accessible year round. Turn left BEFORE the end of Section 9 Road to get to the lot. Go slow, watch for pets/bikes/etc, and please - stay out of the private drive at the end of the road. 

*News Flash: After perfoming some trials with the Three Eagle Trail’s large roller style  groomer, Tara Lila now has two groomers - a larger ABR unit and a more compact unit from Wild Cat in Spooner WI. With the two rollers we can efficiently groom all the Fatbike at our Ripco unit and other trails at the Sundstein Rd and Section 9 Rd units. 

Snowshoe Celebration 8 Returns to Ripco Unit
Welcoming Snowshoeers and Fatbikes

SC8 8 5x11 Thumb.jpg

All attention is focused on preparations for Snowshoe Celebration 8 as we return to Tara Lila’s largest park unit.  The Ripco Road park unit may be just a tad further from town but its rewards far outweigh the couple extra minutes it takes to get there. In addition to miles of exclusive hiking/snowshoe trail, "Ripco “ also offers miles of groomed winter fatbike trail.   

Tara Lila invites you to join us on Feb. 2 2019 to celebrate with the same family friendly fun, food, and frolic as in previous years. We have more to celebrate this year than ever before.  (We say this every year and it’s still true.)

Last year, Snowshoe Celebration 7 celebrated a major expansion of the trail systems at our Sundstein Road park unit and, for the most part, the completion of Tara Lila’s park development. The event drew a sgnificant crowd. The weather cooperated with moderate temps and fresh snow. Food sales were good and raised some decent money for our three local charities. How were we to follow up such an event? Following an established pattern we would have returned to Section 9 Road in 2019. But we were keen to get back to Ripco so we could continue to raise awareness of it’s existence and invite our fatbiking friends as well. 

Next year for Snowsoe Celebration 9 we will definitely return to Section 9 Road - site of the Four Women Boardwalk. And that would mean that, for the 10th aniversary of Snowshoe Celebration, we will return to where it all started - the Sundstein Road park unit. And by that time maybe we’ll officially invite fatbikes to Sundstein…. 

Joe Panci Tour.jpeg

Volunteer Naturalist Joe Panci leads a tour to Ripco’s ancient Lifesa Birch at Snowshoe Celebration 6.

An idea we wated to do a better job of imparting this year is that of taking advantage of the food service. Heck - why not eat twice. Come for lunch, play all day, and then have something to eat later. For the 3rd year in a row we have asked Ron and Cindy from Riverstone Catering in Eagle River to make the food for Snowshoe Celebration. Why? Because they do an exccellent job. It’s may be basic chow but it’s warm and tasty. Volunteers are serving food til 7PM - into the Candellight Snowshoe. And most importantly - very penny spent on food will be added to and go to three local non-profit organizations dear to our hearts: The Three Eagle Trail, Great Headwaters Trails, and Northwoods Childrens Museum. 

Whatever you decide to do we hope that it will include spending some time in the woods with us this Groundhog Day 2019…(also the day before the Super Bowl). 

 Introducing Tara Lila

What is Tara Lila LLC ? We are a small, family-owned company operating in the borderlands between Vilas and Oneida Counties in Northeastern Wisconsin's scenic Northwoods. 

With help from our friends, we are active in the develpment of public-access recreational trails on several woodland parcels we own in the townships of Lincoln, Three Lakes, and Sugar Camp.

The original idea for Tara Lila was to take land we had purchased for conservancy, build low-impact trails on that land, and open the trails to public access. In the process of that we found ourselves involved in a number of things. A partial list  would include the following activities: 


Snowshoeing Green Tara Trail at Tara Lila’s Sund Stein Road Unit

  • Purchasing/holding woodland acreage for long term conservancy 
  • Opening our lands to public access through the creation of wilderness/snowshoe trail systems
  • Working with regional trail groups to promote, develop and preserve silent sport trail infrastructure 
  • Creating events like Snowshoe Celebration which publicize Tara Lila and create a draw for the area's tourism based economy
  • Supporting area non-profits directly or through creative multi-target matching grants 

Great. We're Interested In Visiting Tara Lila and Enjoying The Trails. Can You Tell Us More About That? 


To date, all of our wilderness/snowshoe trail development has been adjcent to and accessible from the Three Eagle Trail - the area's premiere bicycle-pedestrian trail between the sities of Eagle River and Three Lake. 

More information about our trails including trail maps -can be found here on our Trails Page. We welcome you to discover one of Eagle River's best kept secrets.  

These are rustic wilderness trails and you are using our facilities at your own risk. To help assure your safety and enjoyment we ask that you take some time to become familiar with our Park Rules.

For directions to Tara Lila, please see our Getting Here page. 

Groups Welcome - Plan Your Next Snowshoe Outing At Tara Lila

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