Getting To Tara Lila

Tara Lila - Sundstein Road Unit

The Sundstein Road Unit of Tara Lila LLC is open year round. We have an info kiosk with a trail map just inside the Sundstein Rd. trailhead of the Three Eagle Trail. Parking is available on Sundstein Rd. From the lights at the junction of Hwys. 17, 45, 70, and 32 in Eagle River go due West approximately one block. Sundstein Rd. is the first road on the left. Go South on Sundstein Rd. approximately 5 miles. At the only stop sign continue due south to the trailhead on the east side of the road.

128 Sundstein Road, Eagle River WI USA

Tara Lila - Section 9 Road Unit

The Section 9 Road Unit of Tara Lila North LLC is our second unit to be opened for public use. It consists of approximately 120 acres of land between Section 9 Road and Loon Lake Road in the Town of Lincoln. The unit hosts over 1/2 mile of the Three Eagle Trail as well as the beautiful 660’ Four Women Boardwalk. The unit opened in 2013 with the completion of the “Eagle River Segment” of the Three Eagle Trail. Tara Lila currently maintains three wilderness trail systems on the property. Follow Sundstein Rd. south from Eagle River for approximately 2.5 miles. Turn east on Section 9 Road. To access the winter parking lot turn left/north just before the end of the road. Sec. 9 Rd ends at a private residence. Please obey the signs and keep out. From spring thru fall please park along the North side of Section 9 Rd.  

4650 Section 9 Road, Eagle River WI USA

Tara Lila - Ripco Road Unit 

The Ripco Road Unit of Tara Lila LLC is currently being developed for use by the public. We are currently planning to open the unit in Winter 2017. Due to the increasing poularity of “Fat Tire” winter cyling, we hope to fully support Fat Bikes from the start. The varied geography of the 750+ acre property lends itself to further development of mountain bike trails as well as our “standard” rustic hiking/snowshoe trails. An existing snowmobile trail which had run through the heart of the property was relocated in 2012.  From Eagle River follow Hwy 17 south app. 2.7 miles. Turn left/east onto Ripco Road. Follow Ricpco Road app 2.9 miles south to the parking area on the East side of the road. If you wish to visit the property prior to its 2017 opening please contact us.   

7550 Ripco Road, Eagle River WI USA

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