Eagle River, Three Lakes, & Sugar Camp WI

Park Rules, Info, and Common Sense

🌲Use of the trails is at your own risk and in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes Section Section 895.525 (The “Berry Picker” Law)

🌲 Please stay on the trails. We understand that it is tempting to go exploring off the trail. We empathize with the desire to go exploring. But if you need to go exploring then please do so in the national or state forests of Wisconsin. This is private land. We try hard to make trails to all the interesting places. You are not missing anything.

🌲 Understand that these are natural surface, wilderness trails. They traverse uneven ground and areas of swamp and bog that can be wet. Sections of rustic boardwalk have been placed in the wettest areas. Watch your step as tripping hazards may exist. Also be aware of what is above you - particularly on windy days. Rotten tree limbs kill people. We have tried to mitigate hazards when we see them but conditions in the woods change daily. You can help by reporting hazards or moving fallen branches off to the side of the trail.

🌲 Know where you are and where you are going. The trails are marked with signs. But you can still become utterly lost. We have seen it. Be prepared for your trek. Consider water, phone, compass/gps, and a snack.  As of July 2013, we will have free trail map at our kiosks. If you have any doubt - please take one.  

🌲 You are a guest of Tara Lila LLC. Tara Lila is a private corporation that buys woodland acreage for long term conservancy. We build trails and invite the public to enjoy them. Keep in mind that this land is a gift to future generations. Please act accordingly. Leave no trace. If you take something into the woods then please take it out. Fires are strictly prohibited. If you smoke, we prefer that you enjoy that activity after your visit to Tara Lila. 

🌲 Unauthorized motor vehicles are prohibited. That said, Tara Lila staff does indeed use vehicles for trail work and other activities. We try to minimize our impact on your outdoor experience. If you should see us it is because we are out doing trail maintenance, assisting the Three Eagle Trail, working on new trails, etc... 

🌲 Tara Lila is home to bears and wolves and coyotes. Consider yourself blessed if you see one of these amazing creatures. In the off chance that the animal holds it’s ground then talk or clap your hands while moving slowly away. Maintain eye contact. Do not run away. Know that healthy wolves have never attacked a human. 

🌲 Hunting and/or generally walking about with firearms is prohibited.  Take extra care during the whitetail deer gun season if you plan on going for a hike. Check the kiosk for additional info. Even if you are just going for a walk on the Three Eagle Trail it is a good idea to wear orange.  

🌲 Avoid snowshoeing on the groomed Three Eagle Trail at Tara Lila's Sundstein Road unit. Stay on our snowshoe trails and use the connector routes shown on our map.  Snowshoeing is allowed on the Three Eagle Trail at Tara Lila's Section 9 Road Unit any where from Section Nine Road to the North end of Four Women Boardwalk. 

🌲 Tara Lila is open from dawn until dusk except for planned events. Make your way back to the trailhead at least an hour before dusk. If we are aware of someone running around in the dark on Tara Lila property then we will notify the authorities.


Rev. June 2013

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