Snowshoe Celebration 6

Tara Lila’s Snowshoe Celebration 6 Expands Park Lands

Join Us For A Celebration!!! What could be more worth celebrating than the opening of our largest and final park unit? After last year’s phenomenal turnout for Snowshoe Celebration 5 we needed something big to follow up with. And we found it. 

In fact, for the past few months weve been wondering if we bit off more than we can chew. But thanks to Tara Lilas dedicated staff, volunteers, and several great local contractors we will be ready for the Grand Opening of Tara Lila's Ripco Road Unit in conjunction with our 6th Annual Snowshoe Celebration. 

Our fabulous, free, and family-friendly 6th annual event on Saturday, Feb. 4 2017 is set to be our biggest ever. 

In the past the annual event has moved back and forth between our Section 9 Road and Sundstein Road park units. Snowshoe Celebration 6  will have repeat attendees needing to find their way to a new location. Follow Hwy 17 south of Eagle River for 2.7 miles. Turn left/east on Ripco Rd. and follow the signs another 2.5 miles to our building and parking lot on the Eeast side of Ripco Road. Or follow Google Maps to 7550 Ripco Road Eagle River WI 54521… 

We hope to improve several aspects of the event while keeping all the good stuff. Improving parking is high on our list.  

As always, we will be releasing an event poster. We will put the poster and any other pertinent info here and on the Tara Lila LLC Facebook Page when it becomes available. 

Snowshoe Celebration 6 Posters

So you wanted one of those nifty posters and didn't know how to get one? Top quality Snowshoe Celebration posters are availiable here for you to download and print at your leisure.

Snowshow Celebration 5, 8.5"x 11" PDF 2.7MB 

SC6 Poster 8 5x11
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