Snowshoe Celebration 7

Tara Lila’s Snowshoe Celebration 7 Comes Full Circle

It would be hard to top last year’s grand opening of our Ripco Road Park Unit at Snowshoe Celebration 6. But we thought we’d give it a try… For our upcoming Snowshoe Celebration 7 we will be returning to the site of our very first Snowshoe Celebration - the Sundstein Road Unit. 

The past year we have focused on greatly expanding the park unit. We have a new fall/winter entrance and parking area. The entrance is centrally located to the the good stuff. And there’s a lot more good stuff. The Green Tara Trail now loops the perimeter of the park. The former Maintenance Trail - now Violet Tara - runs from our 128 Sundstein Road kiosk all the way to the White Tara Trail on the south side of the Mud Creek Bridge on the Three Eagle Trail. The Red Tara Trail has been rerouted a bit and expanded. And there is plenty new trail as well with the Orange, Blue, and Sun Tara trails.

Yet the Sundstein Unit expansion marks the end of major new development for Tara Lila. It’s time for us to focus on the conservancy aspect of our mission. We want Tara Lila to be around for a while and we need to find the best way for that to happen. As I write this I am overcome with emotion because Snowshoe Celebration 7 truly celebrates all that we have become since our early years.

A Little Bit of History

In 2011 we took a leap of faith and opened our first park unit. To let people know about Tara Lila we came up with the idea of hosting a snowshoe event. In February 2012 we took another leap of faith and launched Tara Lila’s 1st Annual Snowshoe Celebration. Over the span of 6 Snowshoe Celebrations we have met many great people and been blessed with the help of scores of volunteers. One park unit became two. Then two became three. The Three Eagle Trail made a real connection to Eagle River. The Four Women Boardwalk was built. Shelters, privys, maintenance buildings, and kiosks have been built. One new trail after another has been created - including a few decent Fatbiike trails. We made mistakes as well. We followed a few dead end trails. Still - we have more to celebrate this year than ever before and we really hope you can join us!!

The Pertinent Info

The fabulous, free, and family-friendly 7th annual event on Saturday, Feb. 3 2018 is set to be our biggest ever. 

In the past, the annual event has moved between our 3 park units. Snowshoe Celebration 7 will have repeat attendees needing to find their way to Tara Lila’s Sundstein Road Park Unit. Follow Sundstein Road south out of Eagle River to 128 Sundstein Road. From there, follow the signs to our new south entrance and parking area.

Snowshoe Celebration 7 Posters

So you wanted one of those nifty posters and didn't know how to get one? A lower resolution 11x17 version is availiable below. As soon as we get hi-rez versions we will post them here.

Snowshow Celebration 7 8.5x11  PDF  (2.7 MB)

Snowshow Celebration 7 11x17  PDF  (4.1 MB)

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