Snowshoe Celebration 8

Tara Lila’s Snowshoe Celebration 8 Goes Big

For Tara Lila's Snowshoe Celebration 9 we will be heading back to our most intimate park unit - the 120+ acre Section 9 Road park unit at 4650 Section 9 Road. “Section 9” is our smallest park yet hosts some of Tara Lila’s best loved and used features like the 4 Women Boardwalk and the A-My-Tab-Ha Trail. Miles of exclusive hiking/snowshoe trail  are available for your exploration and enjoyment. New for 2020 - Section 9’s Sampatha Trail is now a full loop spanning over 1 mile and sharing the feature known as “The Rocks” with the Medicine Trail. 

As always, we welcome snowshoers of all ages and experience. With Snowshoe Celebration 8 at the Ripco park unit this year we are also welcoming - and encouraging - winter Fatbike enthusiasts.

And most of all we welcome those that have never snowshoed or rode a fatbike on the snow. Opportunities will exist for “newbies” to try out both activities. 

This year's luminary walk will be the longest in the history of Snowshoe Celebration. At least that’s the plan. If so, we will implement an alternative for those with shorter legs…

The Pertinent Info

The fabulous, free, and family-friendly 8th annual event on Saturday, Feb. 1 2020 is set to be our best - if not biggest - ever. 

In the past, the annual event has moved between our 3 park units. Snowshoe Celebration 9 will have attendees needing to find their way to Tara Lila’s Section 9 Park Unit. From Hwy 70 in Eagle River turn south on Sundstein Road, (Verizon is on the corner.) Follow Sundstein south for 2.5 miles. Turn east on Section 9 Road, Follow the signs. (The easiest way to find your way? Tara Lila’s Section 9 Road park unit is registered with Google Maps. You can also check here.)


Snowshoe Celebration 9

So you wanted one of those nifty posters and didn't know how to get one? High quality / file size PDFs are available below. 

Snowshow Celebration 9 
8.5x11  PDF  (3.7 MB)

Snowshow Celebration 9
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A Little Bit of History

In 2011 we took a leap of faith and opened our first park unit. To let people know about Tara Lila we came up with the idea of hosting a snowshoe event. In February 2012 we took another leap of faith and launched Tara Lila’s 1st Annual Snowshoe Celebration. Over the span of 7 Snowshoe Celebrations we have met many great people and been blessed with the help of scores of volunteers. One park unit became two. Then two became three. The Three Eagle Trail made a real connection to Eagle River. The Four Women Boardwalk was built. Shelters, privys, maintenance buildings, and kiosks have been built. One new trail after another has been created - including a few decent Fatbiike trails. We made mistakes as well. We followed a few dead end trails.

Along the way we’ve made some great friends that are invaluable to pulling off Snowshoe Celebration each year. Join us in thanking Great Headwaters Trails, The Hiker Box, Forever Young Bike and Ski, Riverstone Catering, the extended Michael Robillard Family, the Three Eagle Trail Foundation, our naturalists and speakers, Northwoods Children’s Museum, and many more….We Cannot Thank You Enough!

Although this will be the 9th annual  event, he real genesis of Snowshoe Celebration occured on December 31, 1978. The snowshoes that mark the entrance to the event each year are the ones used by Tara Lila’s owners on a fateful, snowy day 40 years ago. That have been celebrating snowshoeing ever since….    

We have plans to erect a shelter (or two) and privy yet at the Ripco Road unit. We may add some trail here and there. But our chief focus over the next few years will be finding a way to preserve Tara Lila for the enjoyment of future generations. 

SC5 RJA Kids.jpeg

Kids love Snowshoe Snowshoe Celebration - little ones and big ones, too!

In the meantime-  let’s get together and celebrate the beauty and wonder of winter in the Northwoods.  We really hope you can join us and share in the celebration.

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