Trail Information and Maps

Trail data and maps are availiable at the park unit kiosks and will be posted here and/or our Facebook page as it becomes available. This page is in the process of updating which we hope to accomplish by mid 2018. There are some brief trail notes below. The most current news is that the Sundstein Unit has recently undegone a major revamp and expansion. New maps are finaly availiable at the Sundstein Kiosks and the Eagle River Chamber. Thank you for your patience.

Check out and download our new Integrated Map Brochure PDFs for all 3 park units from the sidebar or below. Download to your mobile device for your next outing to Tara Lila. 

As of Feb. 1, 2018, the integrated map brochure PDFs (left) now contain trail data including distance and hiking/snowshoe times for the main trails and various select routes and loops. Times are shown at both moderate and faster paces. To repeat - they make a great resource to have on your mobile device for an outing at Tara Lila.

Trail Notes by Park Unit

Section 9 Road Unit Trails

 NEW! Section 9 Road Unit Map Brochure With Trail Distance and Time Info - 9.9 MB PDF


The very wet hiking season of 2017 had Tara Lila adding a significant amount of rustic boardwalk to the Medicine Trail between Siddh’s Rock and the 4 Women Boardwalk. Even with the additions parts of the trail remained nearly impassable and required a temporary bypass. 2018 taught us that the section of the Medicine Trail through the cedar swamp (Mikes Cedar Pass) may not work on a permanent basis. If its been wet its simply best to avoid that section of trail. Regardless, things look great on all Sec. 9 trails for the winter snowshoeing season. And no bugs, either Winter has its benefits!

Sundstein Road Unit Trails

 Sundstein Road Unit Map Brochure With Trail Distance and Time Info - 3.7 MB PDF View/Download

The grand “re-opening” of the Sundstein Road was in conjunction with Tara Lila’s 7th annual Snowshoe Celebration slated for Saturday Feb. 3, 2018. The park’s expansion brought the total trail mileage to over 9 miles and 4 major trails were added to the existing Green, White, and Red Tara trails. 

In addition to the trail expansion a new fall/winter south entrance and parking area was created for the benefit of hikers and ‘shoers accessing Tara Lila’s trail system as well as the Rulseh picnic shelter along the Three Eagle Trail.

Ripco Road Unit Trails

 Ripco Road Unit Map Brochure With Trail Distance and Time Info - 7.2 MB PDF

The Ripco Road Unit opened on Feb. 4, 2017 in conjunction with 2017’s Snowshoe Celebration 6 and brought winter Fatbiking in to the mix of trail-based recreation on tap at Tara Lila. 

Since that time we have added a much-needed return leg to the Lower Samadhi Trail and created a loop back to the building. That trail segment will not be on printed map brochures prior to Snowshoe Celebration 8. But it is now available right here for you to download as of 2/1/2019.

The Fatbike trails are being groomed as weather and snow permits. Please refrain from Fatbiking on an isufficient or soft base as it may may damage the trails.

Please note that the Kushmanda, Emerald, & Ananda trails - and Amber Cut - are exclusively for Snowshoeing and Hiking. The Samadhi, Upper Samadhi, Highest Samdhi, Ruby, Jade Tara, Middle Way, Lapis Lazuli, and other Cut Trails are additionally open Fatbiking and Mountain Biking. 

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